lunedì 28 ottobre 2013

The Gift

Chissà in quanti abbiamo sbobinato "The Gift", isolando il canale dove c'è solo la storia, la bellissima storia di Waldo Jeffers innamorato dell'ingrata Marsha.
Io lo feci a Schwabing, München. Ero ospite di A., la cui madre tentava improbabili sistemi nei casinò di mezza Mittel Europa, e il cui padre lavorava per i servizi segreti della Bundesrepublik. Our lives were saved by Rock'n Roll

"When, as a teen-ager, I decided that Reed had figured out part of what I wanted to figure out, I sat at my father’s electric typewriter and transcribed the lyrics to every Velvet Underground album. Transcribing “The Gift” was a task that changed me, as it happened. The lyrics, written by Reed, are recited only in the left channel, by the bassist John Cale. I had to pin the balance to the side to hear Cale’s voice, stop, write, start again. When I was done, I realized that the song was about a man named Waldo Jeffers who has mailed himself to his lover in a box. At low volume, you might not even notice the story at all. And so, what was more surprising, that you could hide a short story on a rock record, or that you could release something so grisly on a record? (I won’t spoil it if you’re new to the Velvets.)"

POSTSCRIPT: LOU REED, Sasha Frere-Jones, The New Yorker, 27 ottobre, 2013.

The Gift (il testo sbobinato, chissà da chi, chissà dove)

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