martedì 31 ottobre 2006

Finmeccanica in K street

Cannone Oto Melara

Da seguire la vicenda del senatore Weldon, la cui figlia Finmeccanica ha assunto (oltre al resto).

WASHINGTON, Oct. 30 — In November at the five-star Hotel Splendido overlooking the harbor in Portofino, a playground of the Italian rich, Representative Curt Weldon was the center of attention.
The second-ranking Republican on the House Armed Services Committee, Mr. Weldon was a main speaker at a conference sponsored in part by the Italian military giant Finmeccanica.

"Today, the Italians may well have second thoughts about their embrace of Mr. Weldon, who has represented his suburban Philadelphia district since 1987 and is now the subject of a federal investigation into possible influence peddling and, as a result, is in a tight re-election race."


Italian Arms Contractor and a Pennsylvania Congressman Share Close Ties, di LESLIE WAYNE, The New York Times, 31 ottobre 2006

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