giovedì 20 novembre 2008

Reputation-based Governance


(Da: Obama Administration Plan for Innovation, Science & Technology, Obama/Biden Website. Enfasi mia).

• Reform the Patent System:

A system that produces timely, high-quality patents is essential for global competitiveness in the 21st century. By improving predictability and clarity in our patent system, we will help foster an environment that encourages innovation. Giving the Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) the resources to improve patent quality and opening up the patent process to citizen review will reduce the uncertainty and wasteful litigation that is currently a significant drag on innovation.

Il riferimento ovvio è al progetto pilota Peer-to-Patent, un esempio di Reputation-based Governance.

Obama sta dalla mia parte, insomma. Quando mi vorrà incontrare per discutere i dettagli, potrà lasciare un messaggio qui.

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