lunedì 12 marzo 2012

EU enlargement

Non è un incidente, ma un segnale dell'assopimento che regna in Commissione (quando finisce la crisi per conto suo? quando ci ridanno l'Euro?). Ah, il dirigente responsabile è un italiano. Ecco che dice.

Comunque, il capoeira, fighissimo.

"Video showing white European woman facing down Chinese, Indian and Brazilian fighters is withdrawn after outcry

The European commission has been forced to withdraw a high-budget video promoting the EU amid accusations that it depicts other cultures in a racist manner.

A row broke out after the enlargement directorate of the European commission, which is responsible for the expansion of the EU, released a video clip that was designed to appeal to young voters."


European commission criticised for 'racist' ad, The Guardina, 6 marzo 2012.

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