giovedì 7 febbraio 2013

E 4! Drone-proof city

Mi spiace ma non riesco a fermarmi. Prometto che la prossima serie sarà sui sommergibili. Ma l'idea della drone-proof city merita attenzione.

"Architecture against drones is not just a science-fiction scenario but a contemporary imperative," writes Asher J. Kohn.

Kohn, an American law student and editor of The Tuqay, a website covering "Central Asia and its hinterlands," has recently put forth a theoretical proposal for a city built to passively shield its residents against this ultramodern tool of warfare -- a drone-deflecting city. He created it for a class he was auditing in extreme architecture, and it has since been picked up for discussion by several websites."

Imagining a Drone-Proof City, Sarah Goodyear, The Atlantic, 6 febbraio 2013.

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