martedì 18 ottobre 2005

Weekly Review

E' infine giunto il momento per qualche bilancio sulla settimana appena trascorsa. Questi i fatti chiave. C'e' molto su cui riflettere.

Danish soldiers in Iraq and Kosovo were being issued soothing pillows that chirp like birds.

An overaffectionate English baboon licked all of the hair off her son's head.

A Chinese man was killed and eaten by the six black bears he was raising for their bile.

In Florida one Walgreens employee stabbed another during an argument over who would be first to microwave her soup.

More details emerged in the case of the New Zealand financier arrested in Australia for bestiality with rabbits. Police said that when they arrested the man he had scratches on his hands and face; the man's lawyer said he molested the rabbits under the influence of methamphetamine.

A Wisconsin man was arrested for putting an electric dog collar on his eight-year-old stepdaughter and zapping her for not eating fast enough.

a study by scientists at the University of Saskatchewan found that injecting rats with THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, stimulated the growth of new brain cells.

Weekly Review, Harper's Magazine, 18 ottobre 2005

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