giovedì 2 febbraio 2006

Bigger and better

Kyle Mac Donald aveva un paper clip rosso. L'ha scambiato con una penna. La penna con una maniglia. La maniglia con.... ora e' arrivato a un furgone Ford. Ma lui cerca casa.

"This might not surprise you, but below is a picture of a paperclip. It is red. This red paperclip is currently sitting on my desk next to my computer. I want to trade this paperclip with you for something bigger or better, maybe a pen, a spoon, or perhaps a boot. If you promise to make the trade I will come and visit you, wherever you are, to trade. So, if you have something bigger or better than a red paperclip, email me. Hope to trade with you soon! Kyle"

My name is Kyle MacDonald and this is my story:.

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