mercoledì 22 febbraio 2006

Summers si è dimesso

Alla fine ha gettato la spugna. Bella l'immagine della "seconda" firma sulle banconote.

His well-known desire to change Harvard's culture, which he saw as complacent, was accompanied by slights to some faculty members and missteps like his statement last year that women might lack an intrinsic aptitude for math and science.

Dr. Summers was more successful with students, who thrilled to the sight of the president's showing up at dances and study breaks, and signing dollar bills that bore his signature as Treasury secretary. In a weekend poll by The Harvard Crimson, the student daily, undergraduates backed him three to one.

Dr. Summers also offended some with what many saw as a style more suited to Washington than to Cambridge. He was driven in a black limousine with a license plate reading "1636," the year of Harvard's founding; Dr. Bok, by contrast, had driven his own Volkswagen bus. And Dr. Summers hired his own public relations adviser, who had worked for Prime Minister Tony Blair of Britain; she has since departed.

President of Harvard Resigns, Ending Stormy 5-Year Tenure, ALAN FINDER, PATRICK D. HEALY and KATE ZERNIKE, The New York Times, 22 febbraio 2006

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