domenica 21 agosto 2005

Bean curd

Nuovi progressi della ricerca nord-coerana:

"Researchers of the Foodstuff Institute of the Branch Academy of Light Industrial Science under the Academy of Sciences in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea have succeeded in making fermented bean curd. It is highly nutritive and delicious. They infect sliced bean curds with bacteria, treat them in some processes and put them into a pot and seal it up to ferment them for 40 days in high temperature."

"It can be well stored for six months even in hot weather and its taste remains unchanged for several days in open-air. The taste of the bean curd varies according to the fermentation conditions and kinds of bacteria. The institute is now introducing the production method of the fermented bean curd among people."

Fermented Bean Curd, New Functional Food, Korean News, 19 agosto 2005.

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