venerdì 19 agosto 2005

Buddhist Studies at UCLA

Il nuovo sito del Center for Buddhist Studies at UCLA (eclettico questo blog, uh?).

Questa Reference Guide sembra utile, anche se non so bene per cosa.

Una laurea in Buddhist studies farebbe impallidire quelli del Dams.

Nel messaggio di Scott Gruber, i criteri per la realizzazione:

Some Key Features: Embraces the UCLA color palette and graphic identity system. Fully integrated in the Institute's web publishing tools. Complies to web content accessibilty guidelines for disabled viewers. Designed with current web standards. How to jazz up articles using header tags and lists. Random cover image on the home page to indicate change and impermence. (ok that may sound a bit silly but that was the designer's intention). ListServ signup on home page. RSS feeds for latest news. Updated content with new refreshing look

Così si fanno le cose.

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