lunedì 29 agosto 2005

The boys of the little neighborhood

Il titolo è una mia libera traduzione di una delle frasi topiche dell'estate italiana. Non capisco il romanesco, tanto vale renderla incomprensibile in inglese.

Sul New York Times, Krugman sull'housing bubble.

E' tranquillizzante sapere che i Ricucci nostrani sono piccoli ingranaggi di meccanismi planetari. O no.

Nel merito: " I like to say, these days Americans make a living by selling each other houses, paid for with money borrowed from China." [...] "A housing slowdown will lead to the loss of many jobs in construction and service industries but won't have much direct effect on the trade deficit. So those jobs won't be replaced by new jobs elsewhere until and unless something else, like a plunge in the value of the dollar, makes U.S. goods more competitive on world markets, leading to higher exports and lower imports."

Greenspan and the Bubble, Paul Krugman, 29 agosto 2005.

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