domenica 26 marzo 2006

Flash Mob - Opzione Nucleare

La "Nuclear Option": chi vuole si iscrive a una mailing list per partecipare a una Flash Mob. Quando il numero di iscritti raggiunge una certa soglia, automaticamente, senza intervento umano, il sistema invia a tutti gli iscritti la convocazione con le istruzioni per partecipare.

Chiudo con il commento di Wasik, che sulla Nuclear Option conclude il suo pezzo, con una menzione però alla discussione dei "meet up" di Howard Dean che si trova verso la fine.

"This is precisely what the Nuclear Option is intended to be. When first hearing about the project, each person is presented with a private choice: to join the list and thereby become an insider, privy to the details in advance, or else to face being left out. Even strident opponents, I expect, would reason their way toward joining the list—to monitor its activities, for example, or to wage a counterdemonstration on the appointed day—and thus contribute to its growth. Similarly, once the numerical threshold is crossed and the world awakens to find the Nuclear communiqué in its inbox, each of us will again be faced with a choice: to stay inside, stick to the day’s agenda items as laid out in the planner, or watch as civic order is cut off at the knees. Could a society of spectators resist bearing witness to its own undoing?"


My Crowd, Bill Wasik, Harper's Magazine, marzo 2006

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