domenica 26 marzo 2006

Flash Mob - There's NOT a Ford in Your Future!

Uno dei brani più divertenti riferisce della "cooptazione" da parte di Ford del concetto di un (concerto) Flash Mob per lanciare la nuova "Ford Fusion".

Qui sotto, un pubblicitario parla con Bill Wasik (in quanto giornalista)

“What we're looking at here is someone who's moving ahead in their lives, they're moving forward in their career,” he said. “It's a person who's entrepreneurial, thinking outside the box. They're generally young, they're either in a relationship now or are getting married sometime soon, and they're into activities like music, technology, exercise.”

[Wasik] Really, I reflected, he was describing no one so much as myself, whose own marriage was then only six weeks away and who was, at least at that moment, in possession of a gym membership.[2]

[2] Since cancelled.

[...] . . . This vehicle, it kind of shakes things up a little bit. I mean, look at the black one—I think it looks a little bit different from an Accord or Camry.” His tone implied severe understatement.

[Wasik] I looked at the black one. In point of fact, the vehicle shook nothing up. Its design was supremely generic, as if an Accord, a Camry, and every other sedan on the market had been meticulously averaged together. I could safely say that no one present at this concert hoped ever to have to buy this car. A word began to hover in my mind with respect to the Fusion Flash Concerts program, and that word was desperation.

My Crowd, Part 3, Bill Wasik, Harper's Magazine, marzo 2006

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