venerdì 7 luglio 2006

A Foreign Affair

A Foreing Affair

Chi partecipa ai viaggi organizzati per trovar moglie in Ukraina? Un giornalista di Harper's c'è stato anche per noi.

[...] "At the first social the next evening, most of the men were already there when I arrived; wearing name tags, they clustered around the bar, as the women—200 of them or more—massed in a long line at the door."


"The glow from the first social having receded, many of the men found themselves a bit demoralized. A night on the town was one matter, but finding an actual wife was going to be more difficult than they had thought. Many of the women they had met, while friendly enough and certainly accessible for conversation, turned out to have had little or no interest in leaving Ukraine. They had come out to practice their English, or for the free champagne, or simply because they were curious. Even among the ones who had agreed to “date,” many seemed to be in it for little more than a free meal at a nice restaurant they would never be able to afford otherwise." [...]

A Foreign Affair. On the great Ukrainian bride hunt, Kristoffer A. Garin, Harper's Magazine, giugno 2006

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