domenica 2 luglio 2006

Going negative in Messico

Mexico Map

La campagna elettorale in Messico è stata incredibile.

 ""The whole negative campaigning concept comes to us directly from the US," says Mr. Madrazo of CMM. "You go to these seminars on how to run campaigns and they are filled with Latin Americans ... and then you come home with DVDs and watch ads of some governor in Oklahoma and figure it out."

[...] Mexicans might be obsessed at the moment with Calderón's brother-in-law's finances - but at least they are not focused on election fraud, as has been the case here for decades, says Mr. Guerra. And overall, says the analyst, the intense feelings aroused by the negative campaigning are wonderful. "People are into it. We feel impassioned and we feel we have a stake," he says. "Finally."

Mexico ends tight, tough race, Danna Harman, The Christian Science Monitor, 30 giugno 2006

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