mercoledì 20 agosto 2008

Gorbachev sul conflitto in Georgia


..e poi mi tocca anche trovarmi d'accordo con Gorbachev, che non so se sia meglio o peggio di trovarsi d'accordo con Rogozin.

Sul New York Times di oggi. D'accordo a metà, almeno. Il pezzo e' da leggere nella sua interezza.

La foto non c'entra nulla, ma è carina.


"Russia did not want this crisis. The Russian leadership is in a strong enough position domestically; it did not need a little victorious war. Russia was dragged into the fray by the recklessness of the Georgian president, Mikheil Saakashvili. He would not have dared to attack without outside support. Once he did, Russia could not afford inaction.


The news coverage has been far from fair and balanced, especially during the first days of the crisis. Tskhinvali was in smoking ruins and thousands of people were fleeing — before any Russian troops arrived. Yet Russia was already being accused of aggression; news reports were often an embarrassing recitation of the Georgian leader’s deceptive statements."


Russia Never Wanted a War, MIKHAIL GORBACHEV, The New York Times, 19 agosto 2008

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