mercoledì 27 gennaio 2010

Corea del nord


Ho molto trascurato la Corea. Dovremmo reificare la corea, come quando nelle periferie si costruivano le  "coree". Chissà che anno Juche era, quando anche noi costruivamo le nostre coree. Ecco una storia edificante, tanto per iniziare:

Pyongyang, January 26 (KCNA) --

One day in January Juche 88 (1999), General Secretary Kim Jong Il summoned some officials.
He, recollecting the past years, told them that they had overcome the most arduous period when the people of the country were undergoing all sorts of hardships.
At that moment the song "We Believe in You as in Heaven" began to be heard.
Kim Jong Il told them that he had made a resolve to do more work for the people each time he listened to the song.
He said that human life was just what was devoted to the people and that they should devote their life to the prosperity and development of the country and happiness of people.
He then manifested his determination to dedicate himself to improving the people's living.
The officials were deeply impressed by his view of life.

Story of Kim Jong Il, North Korea News Agency, 26 gennaio 2010.

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