domenica 2 dicembre 2012

Peaks, Passes, and Glaciers

Qui si parla di Leslie Stephen, il padre di Virginia Woolf. E dell'età d'oro dell'alpinismo.

"Three factors, and probably more, came together to get the sport going: railroad travel, which made the Alps accessible; the Romantic development of the concept of the Sublime, which drew tourists to the peaks; and the hard-driving Victorian development of exploration, technology, science, muscularity, and leisure."


"He came to the sport with an outstanding level of fitness, unperturbed by walking thirty to forty miles or more in a single day, and from spring onwards he would have spent a day or two each week rising at dawn and walking until well after nightfall."

Peaks and Valleys: Leslie Stephen, Mountaineer, Alex Siskin, The Paris Review, 26 novembre 2012.

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