sabato 31 dicembre 2005


Chalabi nominato ministro del petrolio, ad interim, malgrado la sconfitta elettorale. Come la interpretiamo questa, Fabietto? Boh.

"BAGHDAD, Dec. 30 -- As a fuel crisis deepened in Iraq, the government replaced its oil minister with controversial Deputy Prime Minister Ahmed Chalabi, whose poor performance in the Dec. 15 elections was a setback in his recent attempt at political rehabilitation."

[...] "He has proven himself quite capable and experienced in dealing with all aspects of Iraq's energy sector and is well-qualified for this position," a U.S. official said on the condition that he not be named because he was commenting on an Iraqi government decision."

Chalabi Named Iraq Oil Minister. Fuel Crisis Spurs Mandatory Leave For Incumbent, Jonathan Finer and Naseer Nouri, The Washington Post, 31 dicembre 2005

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