lunedì 1 maggio 2006

Jane Jacobs

"For New Yorkers, Ms. Jacobs's life remains suspended between two seismic events: The publication, in 1961, of "The Death and Life of Great American Cities" and her showdown in the late 60's with Mr. Moses over a proposed Lower Manhattan Expressway that would have reduced much of SoHo's handsome cast-iron district to rubble. The expressway was killed by Mayor John V. Lindsay in 1969."

E' morta Jane Jacobs, che io ricordo per "The economy of cities", del 1969. E poi è morto Galbraith. Nell'ultima settimana se ne sono andati un sacco di anni 1960. Outgrowing Jane Jacobs and Her New York, NICOLAI OUROUSSOFF, The New York Times, 30 aprile 2006.

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