martedì 30 maggio 2006

Weekly Review

Questa è la sintesi della settimana. It cant' get any better than this.

"Soldiers were developing emotional relationships with their bomb-defusing robots. "Please fix Scooby Doo," said one soldier, "because he saved my life."

"In Ontario, Canada, a man was arrested ten minutes after stealing a hand-held vagina. "He had used it," said a constable."

"In San Diego a man named Lawrence Christopher Smith was sentenced to 84 years to life in prison for shooting and killing a man named Dom Perignon Champagne."

"In Australia, a psychiatrist named Stephen Allnutt testified that financier Brendan Francis McMahon had believed he was helping animals when he mutilated 17 rabbits and a guinea pig while under the influence of methamphetamine. "I wonder," McMahon reportedly said, "if I made a mistake because I never asked the rabbits?"

Weely Review, Harper's Magazine, 30 maggio 2006

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