domenica 14 maggio 2006

Like some cats from Japan

"On my second visit I brought Shizu Yuasa, a married 31-year-old Japanese friend who stays overnight at Gran Cyber Cafés whenever she wants time to herself."
 "Around 8 p.m. the place filled up with a reticent and largely male crowd of loners."
 "Back in the stacks I met Reiko Ishii, a 25-year-old student at Hosei University who lives with her parents in Tokyo.
There are so few places, she said, where a woman can go out alone, late at night, without having to be sociable. I asked if she'd ever spent the night. "Sure," she said, looking unfazed. "My parents know I stay here, and it's fine with them." She retreated to her pod. I went to mine too, hit the button that changed the keyboard from Chinese characters to QWERTY, and answered some e-mail.
 "Shizu was catching up on manga."

In Tokyo, the New Trend Is 'Media Immersion Pods', By VIRGINIA HEFFERNAN, The New York Times, 14 maggio 2006.

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  1. ... he could lick'em by smiling ...

    A buon intenditore.

    Hey, il mio aggregator non aggiorna più il tuo feed. Sarà un problema mio o di splinder.

  2. Ziggy Stardust. In terza liceo feci una zine (la ciclostilammo dal prete, che col correttore tolse i ringraziamenti per non figurare) con la traduzione di questa canzone.

    Credo che il problema non fosse in questa canzone però, ma altrove.

    Non so perche' il tuo aggregatore me non mi aggreghi. Mi sento nei fatti un tipo un po' disaggregato.