martedì 27 settembre 2005

Deriva fondamentalista

Uno dei salienti della battaglia è l'"intelligent design", che ha sostituito il creazionismo nell'agenda dei fondamentalisti americani. C'è un importante processo in corso in Pennsylvania.

"Intelligent design is not science, has no support from any major American scientific organization and does not belong in a public school science classroom, a prominent biologist testified on the opening day of the nation's first legal battle over whether it is permissible to teach the fledgling "design" theory as an alternative to evolution."

"[...] Eleven parents in the small town of Dover, just south of here, are suing their school board for introducing intelligent design in the ninth-grade biology curriculum. The parents accuse the board of injecting religious creationism into science classes in the guise of intelligent design. Professor Miller, their main expert witness, was the only person to take the stand on Monday."

Evolution Lawsuit Opens in Pennsylvania, Laurie Goodstein, 27 settembre 2005.

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