giovedì 29 settembre 2005


pondy I francesi furono bravi a Pondicherry. Se ne andarono nel '54 senza fare chiasso (non come i portoghesi a Diu) e hanno lasciato una solida presenza culturale.

[...]"The local French high school has played a large role in keeping the language alive. The school, supported by the French government, has about 1,000 students ages 3 to 18 who are educated completely in the French system. [...]

Many of these children will go to France to pursue higher education. Marie Berthe, a Pondicherrian resident with French citizenship, sends her 13-year-old son to the school. "He'll study here until he's 18 and then he'll go to France," she says." [...]

An Indian city holds its French flavor, Nachammai Raman, The Christian Science Monitor, 29 settembre 2005.

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