domenica 4 settembre 2005

Force FX Lightsabers, in a University near you

Ieri sera Clément Deho mi ha regalato un abito tradizionale da capovillaggio Guere.

Con quello addosso, e con questo oggettino qui alla cintura, in giro per l'università farò furore:

"This isn't a toy for your six year old cousin (he probably doesn't even know what planet Wookies live on). This is an official reproduction of real Lightsabers from Star Wars. "Real lightsabers?", you might be thinking, "Star Wars isn't real!". Tell that to the masses who dress up every day as Darth Vader and Princess Leia across the globe, tell that to the folks who build droid replicas in their garages, study Sith history, and practice their Huttese. Star Wars is very real. And these working lightsabers make that extremely apparent".

[...]  it was not intended for dueling. That said, we've had several successful Lightsaber battles here at the ThinkGeek offices. How can you resist especially with the 'clash' sound effects that occur when the blade strikes another object?

ThinkGeek is not responsible should any customers who purchase this Lightsaber turn to the dark side. Nor are we responsible should you not contain sufficient Midochlorians in your blood system to engage the force without reckless abandon.

3 commenti:

  1. potresti anche rispolverare la maglietta bananito che tante soddisfazioni ti ha dato in occasioni ufficiali *

  2. mi presti la spada laser? qui dove lavoro potrebbe essermi utilissima *