venerdì 9 settembre 2005

Parcheggio da Nobel

Oggi Giampiero Gallo raccontava che Clive Granger porterebbe fortuna nel trovare parcheggi, persino a Firenze (ospite di Giampiero, appunto). C'è scritto nella sua autobiografia del Nobel. Così ho cercato quella autobiografia, che non avevo mai letto; eccone poche righe, sul tema: l'eccellenza.

"In 1975 I was on a committee in Washington, DC chaired by Arnold Zellner. It discussed the organization of a conference on seasonal adjustment. Robert Engle, then at MIT, was on the same committee and during a break asked if I knew anywhere looking for a time series econometrician. I said that we were, so he visited, liked what he saw, and joined us. A year or so later Hal White came for a six month visit from Rochester, decided that we had the better climate, and accepted an offer. That is how a world ranked (top three) econometric group is formed. Take three active workers who interact, mix in a group of good students, and later add Jim Hamilton, Graham Elliott, and Allan Timmermann, and in under thirty years you produce a couple of Nobel Prizes, at least."

Clive W.J. Granger – Autobiography.

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