sabato 30 aprile 2005

L'Ulltimo giorno a Saigon

L'ultimo giorno a Saigon, trent'anni fa, oggi.

Il racconto di Loren Jenkins(Natiomnal Public Radio): "Should we stay to record the final Vietnamese army takeover of the city we had so long lived in? Or should we follow U.S. Embassy plans to be sent by bus to Ton Son Nhut to catch the evacuation flights to Guam that had already been flying for weeks?".

"The U.S. evacuation plan was as dumb as the whole U.S. adventure in Vietnam had been. When the decision was made to finally pull the plug on South Vietnam, "White Christmas" was to be played on Armed Forces Radio."

"Thousands of desperate Vietnamese, screaming and begging, were trying to climb the walls and get through the coils of barbed wire, only to be pushed back into the street by none-too-gentle rifle butts."

"As (the Ambassador's) helicopter lifted off, the last view of the country he had run as an American viceroy was a giant celebratory fireworks display as the ammunition dumps at Bien Hoa to the north erupted… and a long line of truck lights stretching as far as the eye could see as the victorious North Vietnamese army drove south to victory."

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