giovedì 21 aprile 2005


Hanno risolto il problema dell'accessibilità della caccia per i disabili : "Disabled and handicapped hunters, as well as others who would like to try this type of hunting, will be able to use our system". Si prende la mira col mouse, e poi si spara, per davvero, ad animali che stanno dentro un recinto.

Si trova in Texas, e questo è il suo sito

"lawmakers in California, 14 other states and Congress are moving to shut it down". Così sul Los Angeles Times di oggi (Online Hunting Firm Is Now the Quarry, 21 aprile 2005).

"It's not hunting," said Kirby L. Brown, executive vice president of the Texas Wildlife Assn., which represents landowners, hunters and conservationists. "It falls off of the end of the ethical chart".

"Scholars such as Dale Jamieson, a professor of environmental studies and philosophy at New York University, also see Lockwood's business as an understandable, if disturbing, extension of a computer society where popular video games such as "Grand Theft Auto" let players pretend to kill police officers.

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