martedì 8 novembre 2005

Il catalogo...

...è questo, almeno per la settimana che è finita.

A South African woman tried to help a seal back into the sea only to have it bite off her nose.[MSNBC]

The mayor of Las Vegas called for vandals who deface freeways to have their thumbs cut off on TV. “They would get a trial first,” he offered.

Off the Somali coast, pirates fired a rocket launcher at a cruise ship filled with American and British tourists. The ship's crew scared the pirates off with loud noises, and no one was injured.[BBC News]

In Japan a 16-year-old girl was found to have rendered her mother comatose by dosing her with rat poison over several months. The girl kept track of the poisonings on her blog.

Scientists confirmed that Sagittarius A, the object at the center of our galaxy, is indeed a black hole.

Weekly Review, Harper's Magazine, 8 novembre 2005.

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