lunedì 28 novembre 2005

Lego literacy

Pare che tutti i nerd siano stati appassionati dei Lego, quindi anch'io soddisfo la condizione necessaria. Lego non investe più nei "Mindstorm", i "mattoncini" intelligenti per costruire robot etc., che tanto avevano appassionato i geek.

[...] "Lego needs to introduce a new product line that can serve as a vehicle for developing Lego literacy. One idea for such a product line is to have sets based around important concepts and mechanisms. For instance, the product line can have one set for introducing people to torque and gears, another to demonstrate more sophisticated parts like the clutch gear, and yet another to cover pulleys and belts. The quality of the documentation bundled with the sets will make or break any such effort, so Lego will need to include documentation that stimulates thinking, emphasizes problem solving, and encourages experimentation and creative play. The documentation can achieve these goals by providing individuals with readily digestible information, as well as by leading them through exercises and experiments that build intuition. Lego should also add programmability to such sets but this should be done selectively, without creating dependencies amongst sets, and in a manner consistent with the overall goal of the product line." [...]

Lego Mindstorms: What Went Wrong?, latif,

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